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The founder of SoFlo Moving, Tara Floyd realized that there was a large gap between receiving quality services and receiving those services at an affordable price. There was never a shortage of finding help, but there was a shortage in finding good help. She wanted to provide the communities that her team serves with quality work, an honest mission statement and a positive experience.

For Tara, her foray into business ownership began with building out her company Upward Home Organization and Moving Services. Over the last decade, through word-of-mouth and creative marketing, she built a reputation for a personalized experience and quality workmanship. However, as the business grew over the last decade, she decided it was time to expand Upward Home Organization into SoFlo Moving Services to provide their clients with South Florida's first white glove moving service at an affordable price. When you sign up with SoFlo, there are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get. Each client will receive a personalized moving coordinator, because as no two people are the same, neither are the moves. The team will make sure that they address every one of your needs with precision, care, and strength! In addition, SoFlo is licensed and insured. Call us today to experience the SoFlo difference.

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